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Harriman Springs is a fishing mecca from Indian days to now
Harriman Springs and Harriman Creek are part of a large interconnected
fishery that includes feeder streams and springs providing cool water
for Pelican Bay. Fish Bank near Pelican Bay’s mouth connects with the
nearly 25 mile long Upper Klamath Lake. The Wood River and Sevenmile
Creek feed into Agency Lake which connects to Upper Klamath Lake.
The Sprague River joins the Williamson River on its way to Upper
Klamath Lake. Nearby are Lake of the Woods and Fourmile Lake.

Good fishing begins in the spring and runs through the fall as the
fish move through the fishery seeking warmer and cooler waters.
In the various creeks, streams, rivers and lakes redband trout,
yellow perch, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, lake trout,
and sockeye salmon are present depending on the season. It is safe
to say this is a legendary fishery. Fish on!

“So much was Mr. Harriman pleased with the Klamath Country that
he purchased a mountain home in the Pelican Bay retreat, and
later purchased the Odessa Lodge adjoining his original tract,
comprising in all one of the most beautiful hunting and fishing
grounds on the continent, and he could, and did buy the best.”

– from a brochure printed by the Klamath Development
Company and Sunset Publishing Company in the early 1900’s.